The basis of the Green Card Lottery program found its roots after Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which eliminated race and ethnicity from the US immigration selection process. The DV Lottery program aims to attract international applicants from countries of presently low immigration to the US, thereby diversifying America’s existing cultural landscape. With a Green Card, holders are granted such legal rights and opportunities including, but not limited to, professional and educational advancement as well as housing assistance, all within a legal and regulated framework.

The inaugural Green Card Lottery initially produced only 10,000 winners. In 1990, 30,000 more were added, and in 1995 an additional 10,000 were added, making in total the present 50,000 annual winners. The United States has the honor of being the only country in the world that offers a Green Card Lottery to potential immigrants from around the globe, and this process has helped make the United States the bearer of the world’s most diverse cultures. By winning the Green Card Lottery, you will be one step closer to providing both you and your family with the opportunity to achieve your very  own American dream. We’re here to help turn these dreams into reality, and we are excited to offer assistance with such a life-changing step in the lives of our applicants and their loved ones.

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