From high-tech to Hollywood, ZA natives are making it big in America

San Francisco, California – July 13th, 2015 – South African immigration to America is not quite what it used to be. In the 1980s, most South African migrants fell into the category of conscription dodgers, or those fleeing apartheid. In 2015, however, growing numbers of South Africans are making the United States their new home, most notably for professional advancement.

The Valley of Plenty

Silicon Valley is quietly full of entrepreneurs and tech officers who originally hail from ZA. The most visible leader of the pack is Elon Musk, the ZA-born, Canadian-American tech giant behind PayPal and Tesla Motors.10219540_s

Also at the top of his form is Roelof Botha of Sequoia Capital, who ranked 21st in Forbes’ 2015 “Midas List,” which honors top tech investors. Botha transferred his skills learned at the University of Cape Town to launch him into the MBA program at Stanford University. Other big names include Vinny Lingham of website builder Yola and digital gift card provider Gyft, as well as Pieter de Villiers of mobile communications giant Clickatell.

The trend of South African immigration to the startup capital of the world has been gaining momentum for several years. As recently as 2012, Silicon Valley Business Journal’s top five list of high-tech CEOs boasted four South African mentions. It’s a truly unique figure, especially given the relatively small population of ZA immigrants to the United States, which is currently close to 80,000.

Furthermore, initiatives such as Sable Accelerator have been created to particularly help South Africans acclimate to the American workforce.

Immigration expert and CUNY professor Nancy Foner has observed the phenomenon of ZA immigration as a growing and successful trend. “I have noticed that South Africans move right into elite circles in the US, immediately, and look where they’ve gone,” says Foner.

Modern Day Fairy Tales

High-tech aside, household names like Charlize Theron and Dave Matthews have set the stage for new South Africans to hold their own in the US entertainment workforce. Trevor Noah has recently been named Jon Stewart’s successor of The Daily Show, thereby exposing a taste of South African culture and mentality to the American masses.

Another notable story that recently made headlines is ZA native Nana Meriwether’s assumption of the Miss USA crown in 2012. Meriwether immigrated to the United States as a child, and thus was able to contend for the pageant in her adopted state of Maryland. Her passion and presence are none too surprising, however: her father, Delano, had the privilege of being Duke University’s first ever African American medical student.

Federal Programs Continue to Lure South African migration to the US

Residents of South Africa qualify for the US Department of State’s annual Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery, an initiative that grants 50,000 green cards for permanent residence status to winners and their families. The application is due each October, and winners are randomly selected in the spring of the following year.

Private org7686712_sanizations such as Global USA Green Card (GUSGC) offer supplementary services to ensure that all Lottery application materials are correct and meet all standards and regulations.

Emma Louise, GUSGC’s Head of Customer Services, notes that she is excited to see that in 2015 there’s a tremendous surge in applicants coming from South Africa, yet up to 80% of these applicants submit materials and information that are initially applied incorrectly.

Thanks to GUSGC’s the rigorous screening and validation software and the efforts of its Immigration Consultants, it is possible to correct the information and submit it properly.

Growing numbers of South Africans are applying for and winning green cards to the United States, in the hopes of personal and professional development and growth. It is expected that this trend will continue to flourish and become even more widespread.

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