Tips on How to Get a Green Card via the DV Lottery

Perhaps you’ve been thinking up your American Dream for years, or maybe you’ve only recently learned about the myriad opportunities that the green card can possibly provide for you. Obtaining a green card is a complex process that involves much foresight, proper planning, and above all, patience. This post will address obtaining a green card through the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery—also known as the Green Card Lottery—in order to attain lawful permanent residency in the United States.

DV Lottery Basics

The DV Lottery takes place only once annually, with application submission in October and the unveiling of results in May/June of the following year. Millions of hopefuls apply for the Lottery each year, with only 55,000 lucky winners.

Independent Submission vs. Guided Assistance

1. The US Department of State’s online application has rigid instructions and guidelines, and the time window for input lasts just a mere 30 minutes. Furthermore, the application is also accessible only in the month of October. With GUSGC you would be able to access, update, and amend your personal information throughout the year.

2. Many applicants are ruled out on account of improper formatting, missing information, and input oversight. In fact, up to 90% of GUSGC’s clients submit initially incorrect uploads that would disqualify them from eligibility. That’s where we come in: we review your submitted information and photos and walk you through the necessary steps for correction Remember that the State Department would simply disqualify your application if there were a single error in it — and you wouldn’t even know.

3. We offer up to 10 years of resubmission of your application; all you have to do is fill the application once. We are here for you each October, ready with your form.

4. Our user-friendly online application system and outstanding customer services maximize your chances for a successful entry to the Lottery.7686712_s

5. While we remind potential clients that they can apply for free on the Department of State site on their own, GUSGC guarantees successful participation in the Lottery via focused attention and laser-sharp precision by experienced Immigration Experts.

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About Global USA Green Card Organization

GUSGC offers trustworthy guidance and support to applicants of the US Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery program. The organization guarantees the successful submission of application materials, both on time and in full, and strive to make the immigration process as clear, simple, and streamlined as possible. The combination of advanced web application systems, user-friendly interfaces and highly trained 24/7 Immigration Experts leads to a quick and streamlined process to ensure participation in the Green Card Lottery and hopefully fulfill the dreams of millions of individuals all over the world to live, work, study and even open a business in the United States of America.


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