The assessment will calculate the amount of points the candidate is eligible for. In order to enter Express Entry, the candidate must score a minimum of 67 points on their assessment. The assessment entails completing an online application (including an upload of the candidate’s CV) and a registration fee of $81.00. The results are provided by Canadian Immigration Experts (authorized by the ICCRC) and forwarded to the candidate within 7-8 business days.

Preparation Program

GUSGC is happy to present the Preparation Program which aims to prepare candidates for the pool in which they will be placed shortly after verifying their eligibility through the Canadian Assessment. This package includes the following benefits:

  • Berlitz -An internationally accredited language school will take your English skills to new soaring heights. Your individual, specialist language instructor will prepare you for the IELTS English exam (mandatory) through 5 Skype sessions. Firstly, you will be examined to verify your level of English in order to ensure that the sessions are as relevant to you as possible.  
  • eBook ‘Living in Canada’ – Extensive knowledge about what you are to encounter throughout the immigration process. This eBook includes a wealth of up-to-date information and guidance from schooling and education to specifics like how to open your own bank account in Canada.
  • How to Increase your Points – Specific materials, written by immigration experts, on how to increase the amount of points you are qualified for based on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). This document has a great amount of potential to increase your chances of receiving the ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency.
  • 10% discount on the last step – GUSGC will provide a 10% discount on our Canadian Immigration Experts’ services. They will work together with you in order to create a strategy that addresses your personal immigration goals. They will offer flexible service packages and a convenient payment plan for you. The Canadian Immigration Experts are responsible for creating and submitting an Express Entry profile and registering a Job Bank account (mandatory) for you.They will also communicate with the relevant Canadian governmental offices on your behalf while monitoring the progression of your profile through process completion.

** This agreement does not cover any employment agency or placement services. The job bank profile is a mandatory requirement imposed by the Express Entry rules established by immigration. The job bank profile will not be managed by the RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).