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We’re sure that you have many questions regarding potential immigration to the United States. Book a consultation call with one of our immigration attorneys for helpful information to put your concerns to rest and your mind at ease.

About Our Legal Counselors – US Qualified Immigration Lawyers

Our legal counselors are licensed to practice American immigration law and have associated offices in San Francisco, Miami Beach, and London. They focus almost entirely on the following visa categories: E (Treaty Investor and Treaty Trader), EB5 Entrepreneur Green Card, and L-1 (Business Expansion). They provide advice and representation to individuals and companies worldwide seeking to gain a financial foothold in the United States with an end goal of successful and permanent settlement.

Expanding your business internationally

Receive advice on extending your existing business to your new home in the United States

Spousal and family sponsorships

Ensure that your family can easily and successfully immigrate with you

Visa denials and appeals

Avoid the ways in which your immigration may be delayed or unapproved

Waiver of criminal inadmissibility

Prevent low-level criminal records from hindering your immigration

Troubleshooting at consulates and US ports of entry

Be informed about potential issues with bureaucratic policies and procedures

Our Legal Counselors have a 98% success rate on all visa categories worldwide

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