Green Card Requirements

The Green Card Lottery has only two basic requirements for applicants around the world: applicants must have been born in a qualifying country, and meet either the work experience or the educational requirement. Although applicants convicted of serious
crimes are typically rejected, applicants convicted of low level crimes such as shoplifting are usually fine.

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Country Requirements

The Green Card Lottery program requires eligible applicants to have been born in a country with a low level of immigration to the United States. Countries that have an immigration level of 50,000 or more to the United States in the previous five years
are not eligible for the program.

The countries listed below are NOT eligible for the Green Card Lottery:

Bangladesh Dominican Republic Mexico South Korea Brazil The Philippines
Canada Haiti El Salvador Nigeria United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories Jamaica
China (mainland-born) India Peru Pakistan Vietnam Colombia

Work & Educational Requirements

To qualify for the United States Green Card Lottery program, you must meet either the work or the educational requirement. The US is looking for immigrants who meet these requirements in order to ensure that they are bringing in individuals who
will actively and positively contribute to society. You will have to meet at least one of the requirements below in order to be eligible for the Green Card Lottery program.

The work requirement states that:

To be eligible, you must have at least two years of experience in a job that has two years of training as a requirement. This job experience must have taken
place within the past two years.

The education requirement states that:

You must have at least a high school diploma. The equivalent of a high school diploma,
which is also acceptable, includes having completed twelve years of elementary school and secondary school education.

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