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Who We Are

Global USA is a private non-government entity providing value-added paid services for registration to the US Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program (also known as the Green Card Lottery).

At Global USA, we pride ourselves on helping people like you fulfill their dreams of living in the United States as Permanent Residents.

Our team of specialists does everything it can to make sure you have the best opportunity to participate in the DV-Lottery and be granted a US Permanent Resident Green Card.

The experienced group at Global USA strives to make the US immigration process as clear, simple and streamlined as possible.

Global USA has created an online platform that makes it easy for you to provide your details and photo(s) for the DV-Lottery application prior to the registration period, so our specialists can review your application to make sure it meets the official regulations before we submit it to the DV-Lottery on your behalf.

We will provide information on how to complete your application and upload your photo(s) according to the strict Green Card Lottery standards; however, in the event that you upload one or more photos that do not meet the Diversity Visa Program specifications, our Customer Service Department will contact you to explain what needs to be done differently and to request a new photo.

Global USA has well-trained customer service representatives who will be happy to assist you in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic or Turkish.

It is important that you complete your application accurately with up-to-date details and provide the required photo(s) before our registration deadline, allowing enough time for our team of specialists to review the photo(s) and make sure the application meets the Diversity Visa Lottery standards prior to submission.

IMPORTANT – If you complete your application and upload your photos and everything is ready for submission to the DV-Lottery prior to the annual registration period (usually held in October), but then you have a baby or your marital status changes, for example, you will need to contact our Customer Service Department and update your application so that all of your details will be accurate when we file your Green Card Lottery Application with the US State Department on your behalf. Failure to submit an accurate DV-Lottery Application can result in disqualification during the consular process!

For your convenience, Global USA can submit your application to the DV-Lottery year-after-year, but you will need to provide our Photo Department with new digital photos of yourself and your family members taken no more than six months prior to the submission date, as well as keep your details up-to-date (as discussed earlier).

In the event that you are selected as a DV-Lottery winner, our Customer Service Department will try to contact you promptly to inform you about the good news so that you can take the next step in the procedure to receive a US Permanent Resident Green Card.

You will also have the opportunity to receive guidance from our experienced legal team as you go through each step of the consular process, to make sure your DS-260 and other forms are filed correctly and to answer any questions you have about the US immigration procedure.

Please note that Global USA can make available to you a US Visa Assessment, which will inform you about other options you may have to legally live in the USA, such as with an employment-based Permanent Resident Green Card or a temporary work visa (for example, the H-1B Work Visa).

Furthermore, Global USA offers supplementary products and services to help make your US immigration process go as smoothly as possible, such as language-learning software, discounted one-way airfare to the United States after you receive your Diversity Visa(s), affordable temporary housing so you have a place to stay after you relocate to the USA, online educational programs to enhance your career options, etc.

Although you can register for the DV-Lottery by yourself for free on the government website, Global USA provides a beneficial service available in several languages to help make the US immigration process easier for you and your family to complete.

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How We Can Help You

Application Analysis

Our specialists make sure your DV-Lottery application meets the official regulations.

Photo Review

Your photo(s) will be reviewed by our Photo Department to ensure the strict DV-Lottery standards are satisfied.

Online Submission

We will submit your application to the DV-Lottery on your behalf during the registration period.

Prompt Notification

You will be promptly notified if you are a DV-Lottery winner so you can continue the process.

Personalized Support

Our support team can guide you through each step of the important consular interview procedure.

Affordable Services

You can benefit from our high quality services which are offered at an affordable price.

Important Notice

Global USA is a private entity which is owned and operated by Global Worldwide Immigration Limited (UK), Company Number 09958501, Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London, United Kingdom, WC1H 9BQ, and is not a government agency nor affiliated with any governmental agency and is not a law firm.

Consequently, you should understand that Global USA does not and cannot issue a US immigration visa or Green Card to anyone, which is something that only the US State Department and US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) can do respectively.

Global USA offers a premium and valuable service for eligible candidates and their families from all across the world who are interested in immigrating to the United States through the Green Card Lottery Program (Diversity Visa Lottery Program) and, therefore, need to go through a comprehensive, complex, and lengthy application procedure.

We are transparent, honest, and up-front with our clients, all the way from our advertisements, online landing pages, Call Center, FAQs, and ongoing communication provided throughout the process.

The company is very straightforward and mentions several times in every interaction that it is possible for applicants to apply for the DV-Lottery by themselves for free, yet, many people prefer to apply for additional assistance to simplify the process and make sure it is done correctly.

Sometimes, after one of our representative explains about the process and our services, prospective customers decide they do not want this premium service, and in these rare instances, our representative kindly thanks the individual for their time and quickly directs him/her towards the right place to proceed on their own.

Global USA keeps all calls documented for quality assurance purposes and is extremely sensitive to customer feedback.

Our goal is to provide each of our clients with a high level of professional services and to quickly resolve any dispute to the client’s full satisfaction if at all possible.

Global USA can help provide you with a smooth U.S. relocation.