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At Global USA, we pride ourselves on helping people like you immigrate to the United States. We are a private company (not part of the US Government or any governmental agency) that was founded to help people find their dreams in America and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that you have a real shot at the Green Card Lottery Program. Our staff has years of experience helping immigrants to correctly prepare and submit their applications to the Green Card Lottery so they can have an opportunity to relocate to the United States as permanent residents (i.e., Green Card holders).

The Benefits

  • Error free application
  • Online support service, so that you can get the answers you need when you need them
  • Registration assistance to correctly submit your application
  • Professional photo processing
  • One-Click Registration makes it simple to enroll
  • Cloud-based, which makes updating your contact information a breeze
  • High level, 256KB SSL encryption so that you can feel confident your data is secured
  • If you are selected as a winner, we contact you promptly and offer US relocation assistance

What We Do

Global USA offers a premium and valuable service for eligible candidates and their families from all across the world who are interested in immigrating to the United States through the Green Card Lottery Program (Diversity Visa Lottery) and, therefore, need to go through a comprehensive, complex, and lengthy application procedure.

The company offers beneficial services to help individuals and families meet the strict standards to enter the Green Card Lottery Program (DV Lottery Program). This service helps with the submission* to the DV Lottery Program, including guidance in how to fill in all the required application details correctly; attaching a relevant picture of each family member in an acceptable format, scale, and size; and submitting the application during the strict time slots (that open only once a year) directly to the relevant authorities. The company offers a range of services which can benefit the applicant during the entire procedure from successful submission through the consular process. We also offer relocation assistance to help make the initial settlement in the United States go as smoothly as possible.

*It is important that the applicant  completes his or her application accurately with up-to-date details and provides the required photo(s) before the registration deadline, allowing enough time for our team of specialists to review the photo(s) and make sure the application meets the Diversity Visa Lottery standards prior to submission.

Global USA has a well-trained Customer Service Department with assistance available in several languages in order to provide applicants with complete and unparalleled customer support. The company is customer-centric and believes in outstanding customer service. Therefore, we are 100% transparent, honest, and up-front with our clients, all the way from our advertisements, landing pages, call center, FAQ, and ongoing communication provided throughout the process.

The company is very straightforward and mentions multiple times in every interaction that it is possible for applicants to do everything by themselves for free, yet, many people prefer to apply for additional assistance. Sometimes, after one of our representatives explains this alternative option, prospective customers decide they do not want this premium service, and in these rare instances, our representative kindly thanks the candidate for their time and quickly directs him/her towards the right place to proceed on their own. We keep all calls documented, labeled, and recorded for quality assurance purposes, so it is easy to retrieve these records if necessary. In addition, the company is extremely sensitive to customer feedback and makes every possible effort to provide high level services and resolve any disputes that may arise to the customer’s satisfaction.


In conclusion, Global USA provides beneficial services to help make the Green Card Lottery application process as easy as possible for its customers to correctly complete. We offer convenient application review and submission services that allow you to enter your relevant details and upload your photo(s) on our user-friendly online platform prior to the annual Green Card Lottery submission (usually held in October). Our photo department will check your photos to make sure they meet the Green Card Lottery standards and notify you if new photos are needed. Global USA will then file your Green Card Lottery application on your behalf and contact you promptly if you are selected as a winner. Please note that you can apply for the Green Card Lottery for free on the US government website. Furthermore, please be aware that Global USA is not affiliated with the US government and is not a government agency. Global USA is also not a law firm and it does not offer legal services or legal advice.

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