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Global USA offers trustworthy guidance and support to applicants of the US Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery program.
We strive to make the US immigration process as clear, simple, and streamlined as possible.

Please note that we are a private company and not a government agency or in any way associated with the United States Government or the USCIS. Global USA is a non-government entity providing value-added paid services for registration to the US Diversity Visa (“Green Card Lottery”) program. Our services do not include filling the form on your behalf, therefore, you shall have to fill the form individually. You can apply for the Diversity Visa for free on the US government website.

Global USA Professional Services

At Global USA, we pride ourselves on helping people like you immigrate into the United States. We were founded to help people find their dreams in America, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that you have a real shot at the Green Card Lottery program. Our staff has years of experience helping immigrants to correctly prepare and file their applications and photos for the US Green Card Lottery.

Application Review

Our experienced specialists will examine your application in order to ensure that it is ready for submission. We will also notify you if there are changes to the DV-Lottery requirements or procedures.

Photo Review

Photo standards are precise and must be strictly met in order to establish full eligibility. We provide concise submission guidelines, as well as adjustments and edits to your photos if necessary.

Convenient Online Submission

With our unique online web application, you can enter your details and photos for your application in advance at your convenience, without the time limitations of the US government website. You can also update your details and photo(s) prior to the official submission in October.


Based on your package selection, we will resubmit your application in the next application cycle(s) if you do not win the Lottery in your first round. Be sure to keep your details and photo(s) up-to-date for each submission!

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customer service department is available to answer your questions and offer assistance throughout the application process in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and other languages.

Double Submission for Eligible Couples

If both legally married couples are eligible for the Green Card Lottery, we can submit two separate applications (one under the name of each eligible spouse), which doubles the chances of being randomly selected. In the event that either spouse is selected as a winner, the entire family receives the opportunity to continue the US immigration process.

Here Is What Global USA Can Do for You!

You can apply for the DV-Lottery by yourself for free on the US Government website, so why should you choose to receive the services of Global USA?

Global USA offers its clients many important benefits beyond what is available when applying for the DV-Lottery on your own.


Application submission to the official Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery

Guidelines given on proper preparation and submission

Review of your application by experienced specialists

Unlimited time window to input personal data & photo

Access to review/edit your application before submission

Assistance from Customer Service agents in several languages

Contact you promptly if you are selected as a winner

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Why Immigrate to the United States?

US Job Opportunities

Most people immigrate to the United States in search of a better life, and a large part of that entails a better job market with higher paying employment opportunities. Did you know that there are currently a record 10 million US job vacancies (August 2021), according to the Department of Labor? Furthermore, immigrants living in the USA are more likely than people born in the United States to start a business. In fact, many of the largest companies in America were founded by immigrants living in the US. 

High Standard of Living in the USA

In general, people living in the USA enjoy a high quality of life compared with those residing in most other countries (OECD, Better Life Index). The average citizen or permanent resident can live very comfortably and make a good living in the USA. Citizens and  permanent residents of the United States have access to world-class education, advanced medical care, countless options for consumer goods and services, and most adults are homeowners. In sum, the American Dream is available if you immigrate to the US!   

Become an American Citizen

After living in the USA for five years and satisfying other eligibility requirements, a US Permanent Resident Green Card holder has the option to apply to become an American citizen through the “naturalization” process. As a naturalized citizen of the United States, an immigrant can apply for a US passport; vote in local, state and national elections; run in elections for local, state or national government positions (except President of the United States); and apply for US jobs that require citizenship.   

Green Card Lottery Basics

  • The Green Card Lottery program is officially known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, or DV program.
  • It allows up to 55,000 immigrants to obtain Diversity Immigration Visas and US Permanent Resident Green Cards each year, with a goal of attracting individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the US.
  • The Green Card Lottery program was started in order to promote diversity throughout the United States.
  • An applicant must be born in an eligible country and satisfy the education OR work experience criteria.
  • A lottery system is used as a fair method for randomly selecting DV-Lottery winners from six regions.
  • Registration for the DV-Lottery usually occurs in October and the winners are normally notified in May.
  • DV-Lottery winners must pass the consular process successfully to be issued a Diversity Visa and Green Card.
  • A Permanent Resident Green Card allows an immigrant to live, study and work in the USA long-term.
  • After living in the USA 5 years and meeting other criteria, Green Card holders may apply for US citizenship.
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